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The photograph on the left is the Slab Cottage at Mt Tamborine Historical Society Village in south-east Queensland. The photograph is a collage of over six hundred photographs taken by Ian McKenzie

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Welcome to my new photography site, “Ian Does Photo Art”. This site was first published in March, 2014. The latest update Thursday, 27 August, 2015.

Now in the digital era, with digital cameras constantly improving in quality and with numerous software programs for post-processing of photographs taken, many interesting and artistic effects can be obtained. The original photograph can become the canvas and the software programs the brushes and paint.

Photography has always been an area of interest for me. When film cameras were commonly used, I used to develop my own black and white films, and with a temporary dark room set up in my bathroom, enlarge and print my own black and white photographs. Colouring back then was mainly done by hand after prints had been processed.

How things have changed. Hit and miss processes using chemicals and taking several hours have been replaced with software programs giving almost any result you could wish for.

This site has been published to display some of the artistic results I have achieved using various software programs and processes currently available.

The slab cottage in the banner at the top of each page of this site is situated in the Mt Tamborine Historic Village in southeast Queensland. The photo is actually a collage of over six hundred of my photographs, many of which were taken at the village

Galleries on this site will include the following:

Chroma-key gallery
Infrared gallery
Model gallery
High Dynamic Range gallery

I hope you enjoy the site. Links to my other photography sites you will find on the page, Ian’s photography sites.

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Love is in the Air

Published 20 March, 2015
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